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    Standard Gear Lube Adapter

    SKU: SIERRA-18-9795 MSRP: $11.77 Quantity: 2 Brand: Sierra
    Standard Gear Lube Adapter Learn More
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    Quart Gear Lube Pump

    SKU: SIERRA-18-9781 MSRP: $15.65 Quantity: 84 Brand: Sierra
    Threads onto quart size bottles of gear lube to simplify filling domestic marine lower units. Learn More
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    5 Gallon Gear Lube Pump

    SKU: SIERRA-18-9788 MSRP: $127.04 Quantity: 13 Brand: Sierra
    Gear oil lube pump mounts directly to 5 gallon bucket to fill outboard & stern drive lower units. Learn More
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    Outboard Gear Lube Adapter

    SKU: SIERRA-18-9794 MSRP: $5.38 Quantity: 19 Brand: Sierra
    Adapts domestic gearcase lube fitting to metric 8 x 1.25 threads to adapt to Nissan, Honda, Tohatsu, and Yamaha outboard lower units. Learn More

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4 Item(s)