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  1. SM RACOR RK 11028B

    Fuel Filter Check Ball Service Kit | Racor RK 11028B

    SKU: RACOR-RK 11028B MSRP: $26.55 Quantity: 5 Brand: Racor
    Service kit ensures the proper seal and seat of the check ball in Racor 900FG, 900MA, 1000FG and 1000MA Turbine series fuel filters. Learn More
  2. RACORRK11868_SM

    Heat Deflector Shield | Racor RK 11868

    SKU: RACOR-RK 11868 MSRP: $133.05 Quantity: 7 Brand: Racor
    Shields Racor 900MA and 1000MA fuel filter assemblies from engine heat which helps to prevent vapor lock issues. Learn More
  3. RACORRK12825_SM

    Fuel Filter Seal Kit | Racor RK 12825

    SKU: RACOR-RK 12825 MSRP: $45.80 Quantity: 11 Brand: Racor
    Service kit to reseal Racor 200FG series fuel filter assembly. Learn More
  4. 6 Port Valve Assembly | Racor RK 19473

    6 Port Valve Assembly | Racor RK 19473

    SKU: RACOR-RK 19473 MSRP: $943.05 Quantity: 0 Brand: Racor
    Valve assembly allows for a pair of Racor Turbine series fuel filters to be plumbed into a single fuel system. Learn More
  5. RACORRK19506_XS

    Stem Replacement Kit | Racor RK 19506

    SKU: RACOR-RK 19506 MSRP: $231.10 Quantity: 19 Brand: Racor
    Kit to replace and reseal the valve stem handle on Racor 900MAX and 1000MAX Turbine series fuel filters. Learn More
  6. Small Image

    Fuel Filter Primer Pump Kit | Racor RK20025-01

    SKU: RACOR-RK20025-01 MSRP: $57.10 Quantity: 3 Brand: Racor
    Hand pump primer assembly allows for easy priming of the fuel system typically after air has entered the fuel system during a filter change. Learn More

Set Descending Direction

6 Item(s)