Bennett Trim Tabs

Bennett Trim Tabs

In 1960 Blake James Bennett invented the adjustable trim tab. In the following 50 years, more than one million Bennett Marine actuators have been installed helping to improve boat performance. Today his family continues the Bennett tradition of value and performance. That’s why most of the boat builders in the world use Bennett systems as standard equipment.

We are a stocking dealer for Bennett Trim Tab components and have the replacement parts you need ready to ship today!

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  1. Small


    SKU: BENN-PT110 MSRP: $6.42 Quantity: 7 Brand: Bennett
    Pigtail Learn More
  2. Small

    Hydraulic to BOLT Electric Conversion Kit

    SKU: BENN-HYDBOLTCON MSRP: $374.50 Quantity: 2 Brand: Bennett
    Hydraulic to BOLT Electric Conversion Kit Learn More
  3. Small

    Tube Bending Clip

    SKU: BENN-H1173 MSRP: $1.12 Quantity: 40 Brand:
    Tube Bending Clip Learn More
  4. Small

    3 In. Pipe Nipple

    SKU: BENN-H1171-3 MSRP: $2.84 Quantity: 36 Brand: Bennett
    3 In. Pipe Nipple Learn More
  5. Small

    Electronic Indicator Control Kit

    SKU: BENN-EIC5000 MSRP: $426.93 Quantity: 4 Brand: Bennett
    Electronic Indicator Control Kit Learn More
  6. Small

    Solenoid Valve with Green Wire

    SKU: BENN-VP1135G MSRP: $60.99 Quantity: 16 Brand: Bennett
    Solenoid Valve - Green Wire Learn More
  7. Small

    Small Actuator

    SKU: BENN-A1200SRC MSRP: $105.93 Quantity: 6 Brand: Bennett
    Small Actuator Learn More
  8. Small

    Solenoid Valve with Red Wire

    SKU: BENN-VP1135R MSRP: $60.99 Quantity: 16 Brand: Bennett
    Red Solenoid Valve Learn More
  9. Small

    Lower Hinge Pin

    SKU: BENN-A1115 MSRP: $1.71 Quantity: 102 Brand: Bennett
    Lower Hinge Pin Learn More
  10. Small

    Nut with Ferrule

    SKU: BENN-T1127 MSRP: $2.25 Quantity: 151 Brand: Bennett
    Nut with Ferrule Learn More

Set Descending Direction

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