Bow Thrusters & Steering Systems

Bow Thrusters & Steering Systems

Recreational boating is all about the ride. That's why your boat's steering system is crucial for good handling performance.

Runabouts or small boats up to 35 feet are best suited for mechanical steering systems. High-performance boats or those with high steering loads should use a hydraulic steering system.

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    210 lbf Vetus Electric Bow Thruster

    SKU: VETUS-BOW9512D MSRP: $4,794.00 Quantity: 1 Brand: Vetus
    12 volt DC Vetus bow thruster simplifies the docking of boats 39 to 56 feet in length, especially in strong winds or moving current. Learn More
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    Stern Thruster Tunnel

    SKU: VETUS-STERN185P MSRP: $459.00 Quantity: 2 Brand: Vetus
    Transom mounted tunnel can be used with Vetus BOW60, BOW75 & BOW95 thrusters to provide additional maneuverability. Learn More
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    SeaStar Closing Nuts

    SKU: SEASTAR-HF5524 MSRP: $20.78 Quantity: 10 Brand: Seastar Solutions
    3 brass plugs to cap off a 3/8 in. compression fitting end in SeaStar Solutions & Teleflex marine hydraulic steering systems. Learn More
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    Baystar Helm Service Kit

    SKU: SEASTAR-HP6032 MSRP: $10.50 Quantity: 59 Brand: Seastar Solutions
    Shaft seal kit for Seastar Solutions's Baystar HH44311, HH4314, & HH4315 front mount hydraulic steering helms. Learn More
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    90 Degree Bezel Kit

    SKU: SEASTAR-SB27150P MSRP: $28.98 Quantity: 2 Brand: Seastar Solutions
    90 degree mounting bezel for Seastar Solutions NFB 4.2 & Safe-T II rotary steering systems includes mounting bracket, cover, and mounting hardware. Learn More
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    Backmount Rack Single Cable 29FT

    SKU: SEASTAR-SSC13429 MSRP: $261.13 Quantity: 0 Brand: Seastar Solutions
    Backmount Rack Single Cable 29FT Learn More
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    Xtreme No Feedback Steering Kit 16Ft

    SKU: SEASTAR-SSX17616 MSRP: $356.89 Quantity: 4 Brand: Seastar Solutions
    Xtreme No FeedBack Steering Kit 16FT Learn More
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    4 Blade Bow Thruster Propeller

    SKU: VETUS-BP90S MSRP: $165.32 Quantity: 0 Brand: Vetus
    Replacement propeller for Vetus BOW2312 thrusters. Learn More
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    SeaStar BA 125 ATM Inboard Hydraulic Cylinder

    SKU: SEASTAR-HC5312-3 MSRP: $636.15 Quantity: 3 Brand: Seastar Solutions
    Inboard hydraulic steering cylinder works with Seastar Solutions & Teleflex marine hydraulic steering helms to provide smooth, fatigue free steering. Learn More
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    ORB Add-A-Helm Hydraulic Fitting Kit

    SKU: SEASTAR-HF6010 MSRP: $77.00 Quantity: 10 Brand: Seastar Solutions
    ORB fitting kit to add a 2nd helm station to Seastar Solutions inboard and stern drive hydraulic steering systems. Learn More

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