Marine Toilets & Parts

Marine Toilets & Parts

Macerating is the process of changing solids into a slurry by soaking them in existing liquids. A macerator pump has the added facility for chopping solids to reduce them to a near-liquid. This makes the resultant material easy to pump vertically through a small pipe. They are used in small spaces like boats and RVs because water pressure is low and the toilet is below the drain pipe. Waste is then pumped to a holding tank for appropriate removal.

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    Raritan White Hi-Boy Toilet Bowl

    SKU: RT-1244W MSRP: $255.00 Quantity: 2 Brand: Raritan Engineering
    Raritan 1244W Hi-Boy Bowl Learn More
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    Shroud Bottle With Vinyl Cap

    SKU: RT-CH29A MSRP: $45.00 Quantity: 3 Brand: Raritan Engineering
    Raritan CH29A Shroud Bottle Learn More
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    VacuFlush VHT Vacuum Relief Valve Kit

    SKU: SEA-385310627 MSRP: $145.83 Quantity: 4 Brand: SeaLand by Dometic
    Alleviates excessive suction on Dometic VHT holding tank. Learn More
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    Jabsco Manual Toilet Service Kit from 1998-2007

    SKU: JABSCO-29045-2000 MSRP: $79.00 Quantity: 21 Brand: Jabsco
    Rebuild kit for Jabsco 29090 & 29120 Twist 'n' Lock manual toilets manufactured from 1998-2007. Learn More
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    Jabsco Lite Flush Toilet Pulley & Belt Kit

    SKU: JABSCO-58541-1000 MSRP: $51.90 Quantity: 18 Brand: Jabsco
    Jabsco 58541-1000 Lite Flush Toilet Kit Learn More
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    Atlantes 24 Volt Flush Control Circuit Board

    SKU: RT-ATC524 MSRP: $300.00 Quantity: 2 Brand: Raritan Engineering
    Raritan ATC524 Flush Control Circuit Board Learn More
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    Crown Head CD Series Pump Repair Kit

    SKU: RT-CSRK MSRP: $149.00 Quantity: 11 Brand: Raritan Engineering
    Pump overhaul kit for Raritan Crown Head centrifugal discharge model toilets manufactured from 1987 to present. Learn More
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    Dometic Inline Check Valve

    SKU: SEA-385311456 MSRP: $96.74 Quantity: 1 Brand: SeaLand by Dometic
    Dometic Sealand 385311456 Check Valve Kit Learn More
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    Bowl Gasket White

    SKU: RT-1234 MSRP: $11.30 Quantity: 6 Brand: Raritan Engineering
    Raritan 1234 Bowl Gasket Learn More
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    Pump Body

    SKU: RT-CH2 MSRP: $135.00 Quantity: 8 Brand: Raritan Engineering
    Raritan CH2 Pump Body Learn More

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