Marine Gauges & Instruments

Marine Gauges & Instruments

Boaters rely on boat gauges to communicate a ton of information. Unfortunately, much of that information is plain wrong.

Fuel gauges are notorious for being inaccurate. You can blame the design. Marine fuel tanks often have V-shaped bottoms so they can fit into a boat's hull.

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    6 Gauge Instrument Panel

    SKU: MMD-12262X MSRP: $392.00 Quantity: 0 Brand: MMD Powerline
    Completely assembled instrument panel is designed for gasoline marine engine applications. Learn More
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    Black Sterling Water Temperature Gauge

    SKU: SIERRA-67020P MSRP: $48.44 Quantity: 8 Brand: Sierra
    2 in. gauge displays water temperature of a single marine engine. Learn More
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    Deluxe Water Temperature Gauge

    SKU: SW 82114 MSRP: $115.63 Quantity: 0 Brand: Stewart Warner
    2 in. gauge displays water temperature of a single marine engine. Learn More
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    0-250V AC Analog Micro Voltmeter

    SKU: BLUE-8245 MSRP: $44.94 Quantity: 0 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    2 in. x 2 in. micro voltmeter displays electrical voltage from 0 to 250 volts AC. Learn More
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    Euro Black Depth Sounder

    SKU: FARIA-12850 MSRP: $263.09 Quantity: 5 Brand: Faria Beede Instruments
    2 in. Faria depth gauge with transom mounted transducer digitally displays the depth of the water below the vessel. Learn More
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    12 in. to 24 in. Fuel Tank Electric Sending Unit

    SKU: MO-035729-10 MSRP: $35.98 Quantity: 70 Brand: Moeller Marine Products
    Swingarm electric fuel sender provides fuel level information of 12-24 in. deep marine fuel tanks to a dash mounted gauge (sold separately). Learn More
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    Euro 4000 RPM Tachometer With Hour Meter

    SKU: FARIA-32834 MSRP: $189.19 Quantity: 4 Brand: Faria Beede Instruments
    4 in. Faria gauge with digital hour meter displays the revolutions per minute of a diesel marine engine. Learn More
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    3/8 in. NPT Single Station Temperature Sender

    SKU: SIERRA-TS26621 MSRP: $20.67 Quantity: 35 Brand: Sierra
    Engine temperature sending unit sends signal to 240 degree range temperature gauge. Learn More
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    Amega Trim Gauge

    SKU: SIERRA-58431P MSRP: $47.31 Quantity: 3 Brand: Sierra
    2 in. gauge displays the trim angle of Johnson, Evinrude, and Suzuki outboard motors. Learn More
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    Arctic Inboard & Sterndrive 6 Gauge Set

    SKU: SIERRA-68388P MSRP: $373.20 Quantity: 9 Brand: Sierra
    Seastar Solution's boxed boat gauge set includes a tachometer, speedometer, fuel, voltmeter, water temperature, and oil pressure gauge for inboard or sterndrive applications. Learn More

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