Marine Switches

Marine Switches

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    Audible Warning System Kit

    SKU: SIERRA-MP41400 MSRP: $45.96 Quantity: 20 Brand: Sierra
    Kit includes oil pressure switch, water temperature switch, and alarm buzzer to alert of low oil pressure or high engine temperature. Learn More
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    Oil Pressure Switch

    SKU: VOLVO-3852215 MSRP: $38.48 Quantity: 9 Brand: Volvo Penta
    Oil pressure switch used on various Volvo Penta 4 cylinder, V6, and V8 gasoline marine engines. Learn More
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    Oil Pressure Fuel Shut Off Switch

    SKU: CRU-R153005 MSRP: $71.81 Quantity: 3 Brand: Crusader
    OE Crusader disconnect switch kills current to the fuel pump when oil pressure is lost. Learn More
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    Transmission Oil Temperature Switch

    SKU: CRU-R020037 MSRP: $94.15 Quantity: 45 Brand: Crusader
    Temperature switch activates alarm buzzer if transmission reaches 235 degrees. Learn More
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    Water Temperature Alarm Switch

    SKU: CRU-R020014A MSRP: $58.18 Quantity: 35 Brand: Crusader
    OE Crusader engine temperature alarm switch activates a buzzer or light when engine temps reach dangerous levels. Learn More
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    Exhaust Temperature Switch

    SKU: 2875010 MSRP: $65.02 Quantity: 4 Brand: Chrysler Marine
    Overheat temperature switch is located in the exhaust manifold of Chrysler marine engines. Learn More
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    Exhaust Temperature Sensor

    SKU: VOLVO-3862500 MSRP: $27.88 Quantity: 19 Brand: Volvo Penta
    OE Volvo exhaust temperature switch activates an alarm if overheating occurs. Learn More
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    3/8 in. NPT 200 Degree Temperature Switch

    SKU: SIERRA-TS25101 MSRP: $21.40 Quantity: 13 Brand: Sierra
    Overheat temperature switch turns on alarm or warning light. Learn More
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    Exhaust Elbow Temperature Switch

    SKU: CRU-R020047 MSRP: $31.55 Quantity: 15 Brand: Crusader
    Original Crusader exhaust temperature switch activates an alarm or light if overheating occurs. Learn More
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    Oil Pressure Switch

    SKU: CRU-R020015A MSRP: $34.95 Quantity: 10 Brand: Crusader
    Low oil pressure switch with spade terminal controls alarm and/or warning light. Learn More

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