Marine Ignition Systems

Marine Ignition Systems

Comforting purr…then nothing. Sound familiar?

Before you panic and think you're entire ignition system needs replacing, consider your options. The cause for your boat ignition breakdown could be simple. Energy supply can cause boat ignition failure.

First, check your battery. Make sure you have a solid ground connection. A loose cable could be the cause for your motor not turning.

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    Mallory Contact Set

    SKU: SIERRA-18-5314 MSRP: $9.49 Quantity: 18 Brand: Sierra
    Point set fits Mallory V8 stack cap marine distributors. Learn More
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    Crusader 5.7 Liter Prestolite Tune Up Kit

    SKU: MMD-C57PRES-E MSRP: $124.70 Quantity: 3 Brand: MMD Powerline
    Comprehensive kit includes everything needed to tune-up Crusader 5.7L engines with Prestolite electronic distributors. Learn More
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    Crusader V8 Spark Plug Wire Set

    SKU: CRU-97454 MSRP: $56.85 Quantity: 18 Brand: Crusader
    Original Crusader 7mm ignition wire set fits Crusader engines with Prestolite electronic ignition marine distributors. Learn More
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    Bosch Rotor

    SKU: SIERRA-18-5428 MSRP: $13.69 Quantity: 13 Brand: Sierra
    Fits various Volvo Penta 4 cylinder marine engines with Bosch distributors. Learn More
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    2129 Spark Plug

    SKU: NGK-2129 MSRP: $3.04 Quantity: 87 Brand: NGK Spark Plugs
    NGK B7HS-10 Spark Plug Learn More
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    Johnson & Evinrude Outboard Condenser

    SKU: SIERRA-18-5199 MSRP: $5.49 Quantity: 7 Brand: Sierra
    Sierra 18-5199 Condenser Learn More
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    HVS Delco V8 Distributor Cap

    SKU: VOLVO-3858975 MSRP: $88.32 Quantity: 29 Brand: Volvo Penta
    OE Volvo Penta flat distributor cap fits GM V8 marine engines with Delco HVS distributors. Learn More
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    Spark Plug 5192

    SKU: NGK-5192 MSRP: $9.55 Quantity: 204 Brand: NGK Spark Plugs
    NGK BR6FVX Spark Plug Learn More
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    Mallory Side Terminal Spark Plug Wire Set

    SKU: UIW-132 MSRP: $69.66 Quantity: 8 Brand: United Ignition Wire
    8mm ignition set fits GM V8 small block marine engines with Mallory flat cap distributors. Learn More
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    Johnson & Evinrude 4 Cylinder Power Pack

    SKU: CDI-113-1731 MSRP: $161.11 Quantity: 10 Brand: CDI Electronics
    CDI Electronics 113-1731 Power Pack Learn More

Set Descending Direction

1-10 of 523