Marine Fuel Systems

Marine Fuel Systems

Are you one of those boaters who check their marine fuel system only when you smell gas? Did you know Federal Code regulations (33 CFT) require a boat’s fuel system to undergo a complete inspection at least every year?

Fuel hose and belts need to be replaced on a regular basis. Because they’re exposed to sunlight and degrade over time they are prone to excessive wear or cracks.

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    Crusader Anti-Siphon Solenoid Valve

    SKU: CRU-23532 MSRP: $281.88 Quantity: 0 Brand: Crusader
    Crusader 23532 Anti-Siphon Solenoid Learn More
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    Throttle Body Fuel Injector

    SKU: CRU-47031 MSRP: $293.70 Quantity: 0 Brand: Crusader
    OEM Crusader replacement fuel injector for GM 17093193 TBI fuel systems. Please call us to order this item. Learn More
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    Crusader 8.1L Fuel Injector

    SKU: CRU-RA087006 MSRP: $201.00 Quantity: 19 Brand: Crusader
    Crusader RA087006 Fuel Injector Learn More
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    Fuel Pick Up 36 Inch Rigid

    SKU: EVM-1238WA3600N-P MSRP: $32.28 Quantity: 12 Brand: EVM
    EVM 1238WA3600N-P Tank Withdrawal Assembly Learn More
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    Fuel Tank Pickup 36 Inch Ridged 1/4 Id

    SKU: EVM-1414WA3600N-P MSRP: $22.48 Quantity: 13 Brand: EVM
    EVM 1414WA3600N-P Fuel Tank Withdrawal Learn More
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    36" Long 3/8" MNPTF x 1/4" FNPTF Fuel Tank Pickup

    SKU: EVM-3814WA3600N-P MSRP: $19.60 Quantity: 11 Brand: EVM
    EVM 3814WA3600N-P Fuel Tank Pickup Learn More
  7. Anti-Siphon 1/4Mnptx3/8Barb Aluminum

    Anti-Siphon 1/4Mnptx3/8Barb Aluminum

    SKU: EVM-A/S 160 MSRP: $12.24 Quantity: 15 Brand: EVM
    EVM A/S 160 Anti Siphon Valve Learn More
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    1/4" MNPT x 1/4" Barb Aluminum Anti-Siphon Valve

    SKU: EVM-A/S 160-1/4 MSRP: $12.56 Quantity: 5 Brand: EVM
    EVM A/S 160-1/4 Anti-Siphon Valve Learn More
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    1/4 in. MNPT x 5/16 in. Barb Aluminum Anti-Siphon Valve

    SKU: EVM-A/S 160-5/16 MSRP: $12.56 Quantity: 4 Brand: EVM
    EVM A/S 160-5/16 Inline Fuel Marine Anti-Siphon Valve Learn More
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    1/4" MNPT x 3/8" Barb Brass Anti-Siphon Valve

    SKU: EVM-A/S 160-B MSRP: $13.04 Quantity: 26 Brand: EVM
    EVM A/S 160-B Anti-Siphon Valve Learn More

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1-10 of 753