Marine Exhaust Systems

Marine Exhaust Systems

Are you thinking, “What could go wrong with the marine exhaust system on my boat? It’s brand new.” In a word, plenty. 

A combination of a bad design installed at the factory or a “backyard engineer” who doesn’t know his ear from his elbow, can and will have you replacing some or all of the parts on your boat exhaust system.

Worse, a poorly fabricated wet exhaust system can and will ruin your engine, costing big bucks to replace.

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    Chrysler Log Style to Swivel Elbow Adapter

    SKU: 2600402 MSRP: $150.00 Quantity: 27 Brand: Chrysler Marine
    Swivel Riser Elbow Learn More
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    Volvo Penta Exhaust Manifold To Head Gasket

    SKU: BARR-VO47-855383 MSRP: $7.00 Quantity: 25 Brand: Barr Marine
    Gasket seals between exhaust manifold and cylinder head on Volvo Penta 120B, 125A, 140A, 145A, & 145BB marine engines. Learn More
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    Chrysler Exhaust Riser Swivel Elbow

    SKU: BARR-CM-20-9234 MSRP: $190.00 Quantity: 17 Brand: Barr Marine
    90 degree lower riser elbow for Chrysler big block exhaust manifolds. Learn More
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    Indmar GM V8 Small Block Exhaust Manifold

    SKU: IND-531051 MSRP: $360.28 Quantity: 11 Brand: Indmar
    Indmar Exhaust Manifold Learn More
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    4 in. 90 Degree Fiberglass Exhaust Elbow

    SKU: CENTEK-1200157 MSRP: $134.01 Quantity: 21 Brand: Centek Industries
    Centek Fiberglass Elbow Learn More
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    1 5/8" Hardwall Marine Exhaust Hose 50'

    SKU: SIERRA-116-250-1580 MSRP: $565.50 Quantity: 3 Brand: Shields
    Shields 16-250-1580 Marine Water/Exhaust Hose Learn More
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    2 in. Vernalift Inline Muffler

    SKU: CENTEK-1500042 MSRP: $271.08 Quantity: 3 Brand: Centek Industries
    Fiberglass wet exhaust muffler is designed to reduce the noise of gasoline & diesel inboard engines, sailboat engines, or marine generators. Learn More
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    Corrugated Exhaust Hose

    SKU: SIERRA-116-252-4004 MSRP: $421.47 Quantity: 3 Brand: Shields
    Corrugated Exhaust Hose Learn More
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    3" Corrugated Marine Exhaust Hose Per Foot

    SKU: SIERRA-116-252-3000-1 MSRP: $24.33 Quantity: 41 Brand: Shields
    Shields Marine Exhaust/Water Hose Learn More
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    Chris Craft Tail Pipe Gasket

    SKU: BARR-CC47-1650-07597 MSRP: $5.00 Quantity: 13 Brand: Barr Marine
    Gasket seals between the exhaust riser & the exhaust tail pipe on Chris Craft marine engines. Learn More

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