Marine Exhaust Systems

Marine Exhaust Systems

A combination of a bad design installed at the factory or a “backyard engineer” who doesn’t know his ear from his elbow, can and will have you replacing some or all of the marine exhaust parts on your boat’s exhaust system.

Worse, a poorly fabricated wet marine exhaust system can and will ruin your engine, costing big bucks to replace.

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    4" Softwall Marine Exhaust Hose 12 1/2'

    SKU: SIERRA-116-200-4004 MSRP: $318.33 Quantity: 19 Brand: Shields
    Shields 16-200-4004 Marine Exhaust/Water Hose Learn More
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    1 3/4 in. to 2 in. Fiberglass Exhaust Reducer

    SKU: CENTEK-1200394 MSRP: $35.71 Quantity: 6 Brand: Centek Industries
    Centek Fiberglass Reducer Learn More
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    5" Hardwall Marine Exhaust Hose 12 1/2'

    SKU: SIERRA-116-250-5004 MSRP: $502.71 Quantity: 3 Brand: Shields
    Shields Marine Water/Exhaust Hose Learn More
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    Mercruiser Exhaust Manifold End Plate

    SKU: BARR-1-60252 MSRP: $39.60 Quantity: 21 Brand: Barr Marine
    Direct replacement end plate with hose connector for many older Mercruiser marine engines with log style exhaust manifolds. Learn More
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    3 in. Stainless Steel Exhaust Thru Hull

    SKU: ORC-9205772 MSRP: $161.10 Quantity: 4 Brand:
    316 stainless steel thru hull for use with 3 in. marine exhaust hose features internal flapper valve to prevent backflow and no-drip lip to prevent water streaks. Learn More
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    Mercruiser Exhaust Elbow Gasket

    SKU: SIERRA-18-2819-1 MSRP: $5.80 Quantity: 7 Brand: Sierra
    Gasket mounts exhaust elbow to exhaust manifold on various Mercruiser 120 & 160 model marine engines. Learn More
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    Mercruiser 4 in. Exhaust Riser

    SKU: BARR-MC-20-44354 MSRP: $236.70 Quantity: 18 Brand: Barr Marine
    Direct replacement exhaust elbow fits many Mercruiser engines with center rise exhaust manifolds. Learn More
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    Riser Block Off Plate Kit

    SKU: BARR-1-0104P MSRP: $19.80 Quantity: 16 Brand: Barr Marine
    Block off plate & gaskets for Barr generic center rise exhaust manifold & elbow. Learn More
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    Exhaust Riser Mounting Kit

    SKU: BARR-OMC-20-913784P MSRP: $11.70 Quantity: 4 Brand: Barr Marine
    Includes gasket & mounting hardware for Volvo Penta & OMC 7.8 in. tall exhaust riser. Learn More
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    Chrysler Exhaust Manifold End Gasket

    SKU: BARR-CM-1-6672J MSRP: $4.95 Quantity: 49 Brand: Barr Marine
    Closed cooling end gasket for Chrysler small block marine engines with log style exhaust manifolds. Learn More

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