Battery Management

Battery management is important all year long. This is something most boaters think of constantly during the boating season but is often neglected during the winter. Storing batteries in a discharged state will decrease the life of the battery and create battery system problems if left unchecked. In extremely cold temperatures, discharged batteries can freeze causing the case and plates to crack and completely fail. Fully charged batteries have a freezing point near -80º, while fully discharged batteries will freeze around 20ºF.

Don’t allow a lack of maintenance in winter cost you dearly in the spring. Give us a call and let our helpful techs get you the electrical items you need to make your battery system last through the winter.

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    120 Amp Add-A-Battery Kit

    SKU: BLUE-7650 MSRP: $203.32 Quantity: 8 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    Battery switch & SI ACR kit automatically combines battery banks during charging, isolates batteries when they are discharging & allows combining of banks for emergency starting. Learn More
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    12 Volt 5 Amp Charge Pro Marine Battery Charger

    SKU: GUEST-2708A MSRP: $106.70 Quantity: 28 Brand: Guest
    Waterproof, microprocessor controlled battery charger charges 1 battery bank. Learn More
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    12 Volt 25 Amp P12 Battery Charger

    SKU: BLUE-7531 MSRP: $699.56 Quantity: 1 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    Dry mount, four stage battery chargers maintains up to 3 separate 12 Volt battery banks. Learn More
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    24 Series Battery Tray

    SKU: MO-042215 MSRP: $16.65 Quantity: 28 Brand: Moeller Marine Products
    Moeller 042215 24 Series Battery Tray Learn More
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    M-Series Dual Circuit Plus Battery Switch

    SKU: BLUE-6011 MSRP: $63.68 Quantity: 4 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    Mini dual circuit switch simultaneously switches two isolated battery banks or combines battery banks to all loads for outboard, small gasoline, or small diesel engine applications. Learn More
  6. Universal Mount ConnectCharge Plug Inlet

    Universal Mount ConnectCharge Plug Inlet

    SKU: MARINCO-150CCI MSRP: $22.92 Quantity: 2 Brand: Marinco
    Receptacle is designed to house Marinco & Guest battery charger ConnectCharge Plugs. Learn More
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    120 Amp 3 Bank Battery Isolator

    SKU: ARCO-BI-3203 MSRP: $400.38 Quantity: 7 Brand: Arco Auto & Marine
    Arco BI-3203 120 Amp 2 Alternator 3 Bank Battery Isolator Learn More
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    24 Series Battery Box

    SKU: MO-042213 MSRP: $12.06 Quantity: 44 Brand: Moeller Marine Products
    Moeller 042213 24 Series Battery Box Learn More
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    4 Position Battery Switch

    SKU: BLUE-6007 MSRP: $51.00 Quantity: 25 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    Blue Sea 6007 M-Series Red Selector 4 Position Battery Switch Learn More
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    15 Amp Black Hard Wired Charger Inlet

    SKU: MARINCO-150BBI MSRP: $23.86 Quantity: 55 Brand: Marinco
    Easily mounts to fiberglass or aluminum hulls to create a 15 amp 125 volt power inlet for onboard battery chargers. Learn More

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