Boat Electrical Systems

Boat Electrical Systems

Recommending a one-size-fits-all electrical system for your boat is impossible. No two boats are alike. We can give you some guidelines on the basic marine and electrical components you want to be aware of.

One thing we know for sure is the electrical system on your boat is very different than the electrical system in your home. For one, houses don’t float (unless it’s a houseboat!)

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    30 Amp Terminal Block Jumper 5-Pack

    SKU: BLUE-9217 MSRP: $4.70 Quantity: 4 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    Nickel-plated brass jumpers are designed to work with Blue Sea System's 30A terminal blocks to combine 2 separate circuits. Learn More
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    50 Amp ANL Fuse

    SKU: BLUE-5122 MSRP: $25.92 Quantity: 19 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    50 amp ANL fuse is designed to provide circuit protection to marine applications requiring SAE J1171 ignition protection like bow and stern thrusters. Learn More
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    20 Amp 8 Circuit Terminal Block

    SKU: BLUE-2408 MSRP: $7.66 Quantity: 0 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    Allows for the termination of 8 separate 20 amp circuits. Learn More
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    1 AWG 5/16 in. Heavy Duty Lug 2-Pack

    SKU: ANC-252275 MSRP: $5.90 Quantity: 2 Brand: Ancor
    Premium annealed tinned copper marine grade lugs provides maximum current flow while also offering superior corrosion resistance compared to automotive lugs. Learn More
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    Circuit Breaker

    SKU: BLUE-7400 MSRP: $26.12 Quantity: 0 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    A-Series Flat Rocker Circuit Breaker - Single Pole 5A Learn More
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    12/24 Volt 10 Amp Charge Pro Marine Battery Charger

    SKU: GUEST-2711A MSRP: $177.55 Quantity: 20 Brand: Guest
    Waterproof, microprocessor controlled battery charger charges two 12 Volt battery banks or one 24 Volt battery bank. Learn More
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    100 Amp MRBF Terminal Fuse

    SKU: BLUE-5183 MSRP: $19.78 Quantity: 7 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    Compact MRBF fuse works with Blue Sea System's 5191 or 2151 terminal fuse block. Learn More
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    2-2/0 AWG Stud CableCap Insulator

    SKU: BLUE-4012 MSRP: $3.82 Quantity: 32 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    Red PVC cap insulates a single 0.5 stud on alternators, starters, windlasses, and other high amperage termination points. Learn More
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    6 AWG Red Battery Cable 100 Foot Roll

    SKU: COBRA-A2006T-01-100 MSRP: $121.49 Quantity: 7 Brand: Cobra
    100 ft. spool of 6 gauge tinned-copper cable is ideal for marine battery cable use and for inverter, battery charger, transformer, motor lead, or power connections. Learn More
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    Circuit Breaker

    SKU: BLUE-7543 MSRP: $44.02 Quantity: 0 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    C-Series Flat Rocker Circuit Breaker - Single Pole 20A Learn More

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