Boat Electrical Systems

Boat Electrical Systems

Recommending a one-size-fits-all electrical system for your boat is impossible. No two boats are alike. We can give you some guidelines on the basic marine and electrical components you want to be aware of.

One thing we know for sure is the electrical system on your boat is very different than the electrical system in your home. For one, houses don’t float (unless it’s a houseboat!)

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    Circuit Breaker

    SKU: BLUE-7554 MSRP: $153.32 Quantity: 0 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    C-Series Flat Rocker Circuit Breaker - Triple Pole 300A Learn More
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    3-Position 65A Ship-to-Shore Switch

    SKU: MMDW-43110-2 MSRP: $297.60 Quantity: 1 Brand: MMD Powerline
    Gen/Off/Shore 65 Amp Ship to Shore Switch Learn More
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    1 Amp GMA Glass Fuse 3-Pack

    SKU: BLUE-5280 MSRP: $2.38 Quantity: 0 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    GMA style compact fast-acting glass fuse. Learn More
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    DC Analog Ammeter

    SKU: BLUE-8018 MSRP: $85.94 Quantity: 0 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    Blue Sea 8018 DC Analog Ammeter 0-150A with Shunt Learn More
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    16 AWG White Primary Wire 100 Foot Roll

    SKU: COBRA-A1016T-05-100 MSRP: $10.18 Quantity: 2 Brand: Cobra
    100 ft. spool of 16 gauge tinned-copper primary marine wire for wiring of internal electrical equipment and internal panel & meters. Learn More
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    Safetyhub 150 Fuse Block

    SKU: BLUE-7748 MSRP: $134.86 Quantity: 6 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    Blue Sea 7748 SafetyHub 150 Fuse Block Learn More
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    Lighted Tip Toggle Switch

    SKU: SIERRA-TG40310 MSRP: $15.69 Quantity: 0 Brand: Sierra
    Momentary ON-OFF SPST toggle switch illuminates through the tip of handle to indicate when the switch is in the ON position. Learn More
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    60 Amp 285 Series DC Circuit Breaker

    SKU: BLUE-7084 MSRP: $63.72 Quantity: 1 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    Panel mount thermal circuit breaker combines switching & circuit protection into one device. Learn More
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    SKU: BLUE-8233 MSRP: $16.40 Quantity: 0 Brand: Blue Sea Systems
    (ON)-OFF-ON Water Resistant Grey Contura Switch Learn More
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    12/2 Duplex Wire 100 Foot Roll

    SKU: COBRA-B7W12T-21-100 MSRP: $61.05 Quantity: 7 Brand: Cobra
    100 ft. roll of 12 AWG 2 conductor tinned-copper wire in a flat white jacket is primarily used for marine DC electrical connections. Learn More

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