Climate Control & Ventilation

Climate Control & Ventilation

Air conditioning on a boat may seem like a luxury, but proper climate control and ventilation is crucial for preventing moisture and mold.  

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    3 in. 150 cfm Flexmount Blower

    SKU: JABSCO-36740-0000 MSRP: $160.33 Quantity: 4 Brand: Jabsco
    12 volt radial blower is designed to remove fumes & vapors from boat engine rooms & fuel compartments prior to start up. Learn More
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    5" x 4" x 3" Air Divider Hose Y

    SKU: MSI-HY543 MSRP: $53.50 Quantity: 3 Brand: MSI Marine Systems
    MSI HY543 Hose Y Learn More
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    10" x 6" Teak 4-Way Supply Grille

    SKU: MSI-VHT10X6 MSRP: $78.00 Quantity: 3 Brand: MSI Marine Systems
    MSI VHT10X6 Supply Grille Learn More
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    4" x 3 3/4" x 1 5/8" Stainless Steel Clamshell Ventilator

    SKU: WC-S-1386 MSRP: $13.93 Quantity: 2 Brand: Whitecap Industries
    Whitecap S-1386 Clamshell Ventilator Learn More
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    LC-3CP-MD March Pump Repair Kit

    SKU: MARCH-0130-0115-0200 MSRP: $108.68 Quantity: 13 Brand: March Pump
    Wet end kit includes impeller, front and rear housing, ceramic drive, screws, grommets, and sealing o-ring for LC-3CP-MD March Pumps. Learn More
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    Single Zone LCD Heat Strip

    SKU: DOM-3313189.056 MSRP: $126.00 Quantity: 3 Brand: Dometic
    Single Zone LCD - Black - Heat Strip Learn More
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    5" Round Hose Ring

    SKU: MSI-HR5 MSRP: $11.50 Quantity: 2 Brand: MSI Marine Systems
    MSI HR5 Hose Ring Learn More
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    8" x 4" White Supply Air Grille

    SKU: MSI-PGA8X4R MSRP: $47.50 Quantity: 2 Brand: MSI Marine Systems
    MSI PGA8X4R Air Grille Learn More
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    4 5/8" Stainless Steel Mushroom Deck Ventilator

    SKU: VETUS-PORTOS1 MSRP: $71.50 Quantity: 33 Brand: Vetus
    Vetus PORTOS1 Deck Ventilator Learn More
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    3 in. Vinylvent Black Blower Hose 10 ft. Polypac

    SKU: SIERRA-116-402-3003-1 MSRP: $15.39 Quantity: 26 Brand: Shields
    Shields pre-cut Vinylvent hose is designed to connect to 3 in. blowers for the evacuation of bilge fumes. Learn More

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1-10 of 168