Climate Control & Ventilation

Climate Control & Ventilation

Air conditioning on a boat may seem like a luxury, but proper climate control and ventilation is crucial for preventing moisture and mold.  

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  1. 12 Volt Marine Fan

    12 Volt Marine Fan

    SKU: GUEST-900 MSRP: $107.74 Quantity: 0 Brand: Guest
    Guest 900 Marine Fan Learn More
  2. Small

    12 Volt Mini Swivel Personal Fan

    SKU: GUEST-903-5 MSRP: $48.20 Quantity: 2 Brand: Guest
    Provides comfort from the summer heat by circulating air. Learn More
  3. Small Image

    2 Speed Black Turbo Fan

    SKU: HELLA-003361002 MSRP: $95.56 Quantity: 0 Brand: Hella Marine
    Hella Marine 003361002 Black Fan Learn More
  4. Small Image

    2 Speed White Turbo Fan

    SKU: HELLA-003361022 MSRP: $95.56 Quantity: 0 Brand: Hella Marine
    Hella Marine 003361022 White Fan Learn More
  5. Small Image

    12 Volt Electric Ventilator Fan

    SKU: VETUS-FAN12 MSRP: $95.00 Quantity: 9 Brand: Vetus
    Vetus FAN12 Ventilator Fan Learn More
  6. Ducted Heat Strip Kit

    Ducted Heat Strip Kit

    SKU: DOM-3105164.002 MSRP: $79.82 Quantity: 4 Brand: Dometic
    Brisk Air Ducted Heat Strip Kit Learn More
  7. Small Image

    Single Zone LCD Heat Strip

    SKU: DOM-3313189.056 MSRP: $126.00 Quantity: 2 Brand: Dometic
    Single Zone LCD - Black - Heat Strip Learn More
  8. Small Image

    Air Distribution Box

    SKU: DOM-3314850.000 MSRP: $131.74 Quantity: 3 Brand: Dometic
    ADB for Wall Thermostat - Polar White Learn More
  9. Air Distribution Box

    Air Distribution Box

    SKU: DOM-3314851.000 MSRP: $110.29 Quantity: 9 Brand: Dometic
    ADB Kit with Manual Control Non Ducted Learn More
  10. Small Image

    Nonducted Heat Strip

    SKU: DOM-3314998.000 MSRP: $78.16 Quantity: 6 Brand: Dometic
    5600 BTU Non Ducted Heat Strip Learn More

Set Descending Direction

1-10 of 168