Chemicals & Cleaning Supplies

Chemicals & Cleaning Supplies

Boats are amazing machines, aren’t they? Their complexity can rival that of a commercial airliner. A boat requires ongoing maintenance for its hundreds of parts to remain operational. It’s no surprise that the products, additives, fluids, lubricants, paints, sealants, cleaners and chemicals needed to keep a boat well-maintained represent dozens of boat cleaning supplies and marine-grade products.

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    16 oz. Sail & Canvas Cleaner

    SKU: STAR-082016 MSRP: $11.78 Quantity: 3 Brand: Star Brite
    Cleans & brightens sails, boat covers, & bimini tops of all colors including white. Learn More
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    Mercury Phantom Black Paint

    SKU: MO-025350 MSRP: $8.96 Quantity: 113 Brand: Moeller Marine Products
    Moeller 025350 12 oz. Mercury Phantom Black Engine Spray Paint Learn More
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    32 oz. EZ-ON EZ-OFF Hull & Bottom Cleaner

    SKU: STAR-092832 MSRP: $15.20 Quantity: 33 Brand: Star Brite
    The quickest & easiest way to remove scum lines & clean boat's hull without hard scrubbing. Learn More
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    1 Liter Vetus Hydraulic Steering Oil

    SKU: VETUS-VHS1 MSRP: $26.27 Quantity: 26 Brand: Vetus
    Hydraulic steering fluid for use with all Vetus hydraulic steering systems. Learn More
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    8 oz. 2+4 Fuel Conditioner

    SKU: BRP-0766216 MSRP: $9.09 Quantity: 124 Brand: Johnson & Evinrude
    Add to 2-stroke or 4 stroke fuel to clean fuel systems & extend the useful life of gasoline, especially during periods of engine storage. Learn More
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    5200 Fast Cure Cart. Sealant White

    SKU: 3M-06520 MSRP: $40.29 Quantity: 72 Brand: 3M
    3M 06520 10 oz. White Marine Fast Cure 5200 Adhesive Sealant Learn More
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    12 oz. Carbon Free Aerosol

    SKU: SIERRA-18-9570-0 MSRP: $9.99 Quantity: 85 Brand: Sierra
    Sprays into engine intake to clean gum, varnish, & carbon deposits to improve engine performance. Learn More
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    Gallon Gear Lube Pump

    SKU: BRP-0775611 MSRP: $13.29 Quantity: 11 Brand: Johnson & Evinrude
    Threads directly onto gallon jug of HPF PRO, HI-Vis, or Premium Blend gear lubricants to simplify the filling of gearcases. Learn More
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    8 in. Coarse Bristle Scrub Brush

    SKU: STAR-040010 MSRP: $23.05 Quantity: 7 Brand: Star Brite
    Standard brush features stiff corrugated Star prene fibers for cleaning heavy dirt & stains. Learn More
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    16 oz. Premium Marine Polish

    SKU: STAR-085716PW MSRP: $25.98 Quantity: 37 Brand: Star Brite
    Starbrite 085716PW 16 oz. Premium Marine Polish Learn More

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