Marine Transmissions & Transmission Parts

Marine Transmissions & Transmission Parts

Don’t compare the transmission in your car to your boat transmission. An automotive transmission changes the ratio of engine rpm to wheel rpm to get the car moving across a paved road. With a boat, there’s no tangible connection between the propellers and the water it’s moving through like there is with your car’s tires and the pavement.

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    Neutral Safety Switch

    SKU: W1000-640004 MSRP: $26.71 Quantity: 144 Brand: Velvet Drive
    Velvet Drive 1000-640004 Neutral Safety Switch Learn More
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    Two Stage Spring Damper Plate

    SKU: CRU-98511 MSRP: $260.87 Quantity: 13 Brand: Crusader
    OEM Crusader dual stage damper plate mates 502 cu. in. marine engines ZF Hurth and some Velvet Drive 5000 series transmissions. Learn More
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    Velvet Drive 72C 2.5:1 Transmission

    SKU: W10-18-010 MSRP: $7,600.00 Quantity: 1 Brand: Velvet Drive
    Velvet Drive 2.5 ratio new marine transmission assembly found in many inboard boats. Learn More
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    1 in. Shaft x 4 in. Flange Solid Coupling

    SKU: BUCK-50MC004100 MSRP: $87.87 Quantity: 7 Brand: Buck Algonquin
    Buck Algonquin 50MC004100 Solid Hub Coupler Learn More
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    Crusader Dual Cooler

    SKU: CRU-R147035 MSRP: $447.90 Quantity: 2 Brand: Crusader
    OEM dual oil cooler fits Crusader 8.1L marine engines. Learn More
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    Globe Drivesaver Coupler

    SKU: GLOBE-7256 MSRP: $601.72 Quantity: 0 Brand: Globe Composite Solutions
    Flexible coupling installs between 7 1/4 in. diameter driveline flanges absorbing vibration, reducing corrosion from electrolysis, & minimizing impact damage. Learn More
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    Transmission Oil Filter

    SKU: ZF-3213308019 MSRP: $83.00 Quantity: 255 Brand: ZF Marine
    Original ZF filter removes particulates from transmission fluid of various ZF 285, 286, 301, 310, 311, & 320 model transmissions. Learn More
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    9 in. x 1 in. Oil Cooler

    SKU: SK-29143 MSRP: $162.50 Quantity: 3 Brand: Seakamp Engineering
    2 in. diameter standard oil cooler accepts 1 in. water hoses and 1/2 in. NPTF oil connections. Learn More
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    72C Forward Clutch Pack

    SKU: WA4867AB MSRP: $182.19 Quantity: 93 Brand: Velvet Drive
    Complete OEM clutch kit includes all forward clutches & steel plates for Velvet Drive 72C model transmissions. Learn More
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    Crusader #10 x 39" Oil Hose Assembly

    SKU: CRU-18100 MSRP: $68.10 Quantity: 16 Brand: Crusader
    Crusader 18100 Oil Hose Assembly Learn More

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