Boat & Trailer Lighting

Boat & Trailer Lighting

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the fewer boat lights you have on at night, the better you can see. Between the glare on the water and the effect on your night vision, you won’t see beyond the immediate scope of illumination.

Navigation lights are required when boating between sunset and sunrise. Some people call these “boat driving lights.”

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    Universal Mount Combination Tail Light Kit

    SKU: OPT-TL15RK MSRP: $44.37 Quantity: 3 Brand: Optronics
    Optronics TL15RK Universal Mount Combination Driver and Passenger Tail Light Kit Learn More
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    Trailer Light Kit with 25' Wiring Harness

    SKU: WES-287512 MSRP: $110.35 Quantity: 2 Brand: Wesbar
    Wesbar 287512 Trailer Light Kit with 25 ft. Wiring Harness Learn More
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    Sea Hawk LED Deck Floodlight

    SKU: HELLA-980670311 MSRP: $193.33 Quantity: 1 Brand: Hella Marine
    Hella 980670311 Sea Hawk LED Deck Spread Floodlight Learn More
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    Amber Lens Side Marker

    SKU: WES-003338 MSRP: $2.59 Quantity: 1 Brand: Wesbar
    Wesbar 003338 Amber Lens Side Marker Learn More
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    LED Clearance-Marker Light

    SKU: OPT-MCL13ATRS MSRP: $9.25 Quantity: 38 Brand: Optronics
    Optronics MCL13ATRS LED Yellow Mini Clearance-Marker Light Learn More
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    Waterproof Passenger Side Combination Tail Light

    SKU: OPT-ST36RS MSRP: $14.27 Quantity: 2 Brand: Optronics
    Optronics ST36RS Waterproof Passenger Side Combination Tail Light Learn More
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    LED Combination Tail Light Kit

    SKU: OPT-TLL9RK MSRP: $91.64 Quantity: 1 Brand: Optronics
    Optronics TLL9RK LED Combination Tail Light Kit Learn More
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    25W Replacement Bulb

    SKU: HELLA-003488301 MSRP: $17.78 Quantity: 7 Brand: Hella Marine
    Hella 003488301 25W Replacement Bulb 12V #2984 Learn More
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    7 in. Searchlight Bulb

    SKU: JABSCO-67262-0000 MSRP: $126.17 Quantity: 6 Brand: Jabsco
    Replacement 12 volt bulb for Jabsco 62040 model searchlights. Learn More
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    Yellow Marker-Clearance Light

    SKU: OPT-MC36AS MSRP: $4.55 Quantity: 12 Brand: Optronics
    Optronics MC36AS Yellow Marker-Clearance Light with Reflex Lens Learn More

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