Boat Controls & Marine Control Cables

Boat Controls & Marine Control Cables

The adage “measure twice, order once” holds true when replacing your boat control cables. Before you replace your boat controls, you need to know the exact type of engine and control head you have.

Determining the length of cable you need depends on whether this is the first time you’re installing a cable or replacing an existing one.

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    2 Conductor Start Interlock Cable

    SKU: MMC-355 MSRP: $2.35 Quantity: 395 Brand: Mathers Controls
    Start interlock cable is used with ZF electronic control systems to prevent the system from being started while engine is in gear. Learn More
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    Twin SR 2-Lever Single Function Control

    SKU: SEASTAR-CH5400P MSRP: $412.49 Quantity: 7 Brand: Seastar Solutions
    Teleflex Twin SR 2-Lever Single Function Control Learn More
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    Control Cable End Fitting

    SKU: UFLEX-L12 MSRP: $12.96 Quantity: 10 Brand: Uflex USA
    Cable pivot for Uflex & Teleflex 33C style cables & other 10-32 thread control cables. Learn More
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    SL-3 Trim Switch Kit

    SKU: SEASTAR-315590 MSRP: $8.39 Quantity: 4 Brand: Seastar Solutions
    Replacement trim switch for Seastar Solutions & Teleflex SL-3 controls. Learn More
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    3300/33C Cable Clamp

    SKU: SEASTAR-031509 MSRP: $1.62 Quantity: 2 Brand: Seastar Solutions
    Cable clamp for Seastar & Teleflex 3300/33C style throttle and shift cables. Learn More
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    2 Conductor Power Cable

    SKU: MMC-349 MSRP: $2.58 Quantity: 556 Brand: Mathers Controls
    Used to provide DC power to ZF MicroCommand electronic control systems. Learn More
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    Single S Engine Control

    SKU: SEASTAR-CH5210P MSRP: $271.09 Quantity: 3 Brand: Seastar Solutions
    Top mount engine control with single function lever that controls either the shift or throttle functions of an outboard, stern drive, or inboard engine. Learn More
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    3300 / 33C Cable Clamp & Shim Kit

    SKU: SEASTAR-CA28020P MSRP: $10.50 Quantity: 25 Brand: Seastar Solutions
    Clamp & shim kit holds Seastar Solutions & Teleflex universal 3300/33C cables in place. Learn More
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    Twin SR Control Terminal Eye

    SKU: SEASTAR-300561 MSRP: $12.97 Quantity: 8 Brand: Seastar Solutions
    Cable end used to attach a Seastar Solutions or Teleflex 33C style control cable to Twin SR control head. Learn More
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    Universal 3300/33C Clevis Kit With 1/4 in. Pin

    SKU: SEASTAR-031125 MSRP: $16.48 Quantity: 4 Brand: Seastar Solutions
    10-32 clevis connection kit for 3300/33C style shift and throttle cables. Learn More

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