Anodes & Corrosion Prevention

Anodes & Corrosion Prevention

Boating and corrosion go hand in hand. This is a fact of life for those who love the boating lifestyle. To stay on top of the harsh marine environment, make sure you check out the anodes regularly. Add this to your spring boat prep list.

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    Magnesium Anode

    SKU: CAN-CM3854130M MSRP: $22.08 Quantity: 54 Brand: Canada Metal
    Martyr Gimbal Plate Anode Learn More
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    Mercruiser Trim Tab Zinc Anode

    SKU: CAN-CM762145Z MSRP: $8.37 Quantity: 15 Brand: Canada Metal
    Martyr Trim Tab Anode Learn More
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    Volvo Penta Triangle Zinc Anode

    SKU: CAN-CM872793Z MSRP: $7.94 Quantity: 5 Brand: Canada Metal
    Martyr CM872793 Triangle Anode Learn More
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    Johnson & Evinrude Gearcase Block Zinc Anode

    SKU: BRP-0436745 MSRP: $19.19 Quantity: 8 Brand: Johnson & Evinrude
    Johnson & Evinrude 436745 Anode Learn More
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    3/8" NPT Zinc Pencil Anode

    SKU: CAN-CME1F MSRP: $6.52 Quantity: 148 Brand: Canada Metal
    Martyr CM-E1F Pencil Anode Learn More
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    1 3/8 in. Zinc Streamlined Shaft Anode

    SKU: CAN-CMX06 MSRP: $12.95 Quantity: 19 Brand: Canada Metal
    Traditional zinc Martyr anode protects inboard boat's prop shaft from corrosion in salt water. Learn More
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    OMC Cobra Bearing Carrier Zinc Anode

    SKU: CAN-CM431708Z MSRP: $12.55 Quantity: 13 Brand: Canada Metal
    Martyr Bearing Carrier Anode Learn More
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    Mercruiser Housing Plate Aluminum Anode Kit

    SKU: CAN-CM821629KITA MSRP: $23.21 Quantity: 1 Brand: Canada Metal
    Martyr Housing Plate Anode Kit Learn More
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    Mercruiser Alpha I Gen II Zinc Anode Kit

    SKU: CAN-CMALPHAKITZ MSRP: $61.91 Quantity: 17 Brand: Canada Metal
    Martyr anode kit includes all replacement anodes needed to protect Mercruiser Alpha Generation II stern drives from corrosion in saltwater applications. Learn More
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    Mercury Verado 6 Aluminum Anode Kit

    SKU: CAN-CMVERADO6KITA MSRP: $56.79 Quantity: 2 Brand: Canada Metal
    Martyr anode kit includes all anodes needed to protect Mercury Verado 6 outboard motors from corrosion in salt & brackish water. Learn More

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